Culture Counsel: TIFF and a Lesson on Strategic Partnerships
Culture Counsel is a monthly column written by Ashlee Froese that focuses on the intersection of pop culture and law. September is here, which means that now we have to reluctantly trade in our beach towels for briefcases. Lucky for Torontonians, it also means that we get to trade in our summer concert and food […]

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Auditorium of seats and speakers showing a glowing orange stage and TIFF branding.
Claudette McGowan wearing a sparkly blue blazer and red lipstick. Her hair is long and straight and she is looking up into the corner. The background is blue.
Woman in a brown, wide-brimmed hat smiling against a tree with glowers. She has long brown hair and is smiling.
Photo of Editor in Chief of Glory Media, Lance Chung, with Jenn Harper, Founder of Cheekbone Beauty. They are posed together smiling in front of a Veuve Clicquot step and repeat
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Glory Power 50
Oliver El-Khatib looking stoic into the camera. He is wearing a white button-up shirt with a grey tie and navy blue pants. He is seated in a director's chair against a beige background.